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  • Are you stuck in a frustrating relationship that is going nowhere?

    Have you lost hope because your relationship hasn’t turned out anywhere close to what you’ve always dreamt about? Tired of living a disconnected and separate life from your partner?

    Maybe you’ve imagined that life with your partner would always be romantic. Or that the initial passion you had at the beginning of your relationship would never fade? That you’d have candlelight dinners or go on exotic vacations together? Or simply that you’d be able to engage one another in deep and meaningful conversations?

    Instead, have you found that you or your partner are spending more and more time at work or out with friends almost avoiding one another? And small everyday conversations are leading to arguments?

    Have you wished your sex life would always be exciting and fulfilling? But instead it has been rather routine, infrequent or even non-existent. Maybe you expected that your partner would always remain your best friend? That the two of you could always share any and every thought? Or that you would always be cherished and respected by your partner? Instead, you may feel unappreciated and often ignored as if you were living with someone who resembled more of a roommate than a soulmate.

    Rediscover Your Love couples therapy follows a well-researched, proven method.

    Wouldn’t it be fantastic if there was a proven method to re-build your relationship so that it’s once again filled with compassion, exhilaration & intimate connection? And to re-establish the joy of a passionate relationship where you feel cared for & listened to? What you’ve always heard about most other couples therapy approaches is NOT what truly works.

    Rediscover Your Love follows a proven method which contains the actual key to a successful partnership! It is an approach that is based on countless hours of research with actual couples (who are observed directly by researchers).

    Many people end up in relationships that have not lived up to their expectations. As a result, they feel stuck and unsatisfied in their relationship. Various life stressors contribute to the distance in relationships and couples are often feeling hopeless, dejected and are resigned to having an unfulfilling partnership in their life. Additionally, they can feel frustrated, resentful and angry towards their partner. The relationship is often not so awful where one partner decides to leave. However, any attempt to resolve issues typically leads to more and more conflict. Unfortunately, many couples then become stuck in unsatisfying & distant partnerships. This often turns into a vicious cycle where relationships become paralyzed and stagnant.

    You don’t have to settle for a distant & unfulfilling partnership.

    This does NOT mean that your relationship can’t be saved. Through implementing the proven tools & techniques that comprise the research-validated couples therapy method, together we can:

    • Resolve current conflict & past resentments.
    • Re-establish the connection and joy in your relationship.
    • Build a passionate and fulfilling sex life.
    • Create an intimacy filled with affection and trust.
    Questions & Answers
    But how do I know this will work after everything we’ve already tried?

    I can definitely understand you feeling hesitant and perhaps a little pessimistic about trying yet again. Many couples that I’ve worked with have felt the same way after finding little relief from prior couples counseling, reading books, and even attending workshops. What these couples found was that through working with this proven method of couples counseling, they quickly began to see hope that their relationship can in fact change for the better. What is important to remember is that unlike almost all other approaches, this approach is based on the actual live observation of thousands of couples where the keys to a successful & fulfilled partnership are discovered.

    What if my partner is reluctant to come in?

    It is very common for one partner in a relationship to feel somewhat hesitant to come in. Numerous couples I have seen had one partner who felt this way. It is not surprising that you or your partner would feel leery about talking to a stranger about your relationship when prior attempts to resolve problems only led to further conflict (where one is left stuck in a vicious relationship cycle). What these couples have found fairly quickly in my practice is that the uniqueness of this approach caused them to feel much more invested in the treatment. And in fact, it was often the partner who was initially reluctant to come in for treatment that became the most motivated for the relationship to improve as fast as possible.

    What if our disagreements don’t seem to be resolvable?

    This concern does occur fairly frequently. It is understandable that you might feel this way since every attempt (thus far) to resolve the conflicts with your partner haven’t been very productive. Many of the couples who have been in treatment with me have initially felt this same way and had very little hope. However, what these couples found early in treatment (some after the very first visit!) was that by applying the first tools & techniques from this proven method they discovered that their problems were in fact NOT insurmountable. And they then became quite hopeful and encouraged that this process would be successful.

    This sounds like a lot of work. I’m not sure I have the energy to do it.

    This concern may be the most common amongst couples I have seen. It really is not surprising for you to feel this way. Couples who are stuck in their relationship rarely have any leftover emotional energy to devote back to their relationship. After all, they have gone down MANY unproductive roads in an attempt to resolve their problems and things either didn’t change or even became worse! What these couples in my practice have found is that early in treatment the renewed hope they felt (after discovering the keys to a fulfilling relationship) quickly energized them. A taste of success for their partnership really motivated them to work harder than they would have ever imagined.

    How do I know you’ll be the right choice for us?

    I won’t know 100% until we meet! Current research does in fact tell us that the absolute best predictor of success in therapy is the quality of the relationship between the therapist and client(s). I suggest that couples meet with me for three initial sessions to determine how you feel and to see if we actually are a good match for one another. If it feels we are not the best fit for each other, I will happily refer you to other therapists who I feel may be a better match for you based on our first three meetings.

    Why I work with couples:

    In working with hundreds of clients over the past 14 years, I have found that couples work has not only been the most challenging type of work, but also the most rewarding. When I discovered the scientifically proven method to work with couples years ago, I became even more energized and passionate about this work. This approach has provided a successful framework for helping couples rediscover their love. It has truly impacted me in a profound way where I became compelled to share this method by working with as many couples as possible.

    In addition, I have a unique and perhaps fuller perspective to work from than many other couples therapists. That is because I have been where you are now: in a relationship where I felt stuck. The successful couples counseling method I experienced was… you guessed it… this same proven method derived from the observation of thousands of couples. So, I got to see things from the other side: what it feels like to be a client in an unfulfilling partnership without much hope! This has influenced my work tremendously and I believe it has made me an even more successful couples therapist.

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